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Volunteer to teach children in some of the world’s most beautiful and remote locations where schools are often overcrowded and teachers are a limited, stretched out resource. We offer volunteer teaching opportunities in a variety of locations. For more qualified and experienced volunteers, you could potentially volunteer teaching subjects, such as math, science, or arts. If you have experience working with students with special needs, your skill set is highly sought after in developing SriLanka.

BUILDING COMFORTABLE CLASSROOMS is a nonprofit classroom funding site for public school teachers. Educators from every corner of Sri Lanka create classroom project requests, and donors can give any amount to the project that inspires them.

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Our Mission

We suppose to prepare fruitful students who can understand, contribute to and succeed in the rapidly changing society from the rural schools.

Our Vision

To uplift the education and the other facilities of the rural schools as same as the urban schools.


We are a leading non profit organization which helps to the students of the rural schools. Our main target is to uplift their knowledge and develop their attitudes in a way that they can face their future with courage and confidence. We are dealing with the donators to get the support to achieve our target. We are carrying out several programs to achieve this target right now. Some of them are granting scholarships to the best performers of examinations such as grade 5 scholarships, O/L and A/L , contacting the volunteer teachers to the rural schools, Repairing and building comfortable classrooms for rural schools, conducting the seminars , providing stationeries to the needy students and etc.


We are here to help the needy students of rural schools in several aspects such as financial support, knowledge improvement, attitude development and etc. Join with us to build their future dreams.



  • Address: Kuliyapitiya, Srilanka.
  • Telephone: +94-710347725
  • Email: